Student actively reading a text by taking notesThe ASSETT Student Technology Consultants, in collaboration with tutors from the Academic Success & Achievement Program, have produced a four-part video series about metacognition. “Thinking about thinking” can help students become more active and engaged learners. These short videos are designed to help students better prepare for and succeed in their classes by applying simple metacognition practices.

In the first video, we ask students what metacognition means to them. In the second video, we highlight strategies for getting the most from your textbooks when reading for class. The third video offers some techniques for exam preparation. The fourth video explores the benefits of studying in groups.

These resources were created by and for students. We also invite faculty to share them in class or include them in their course websites (as links or embedded videos). The running time of each video is approximately three minutes.

Episode 1: What Is Metacognition?

Episode 2: Hacking Your Textbook

Episode 3: Techniques for Studying Alone

Episode 4: Studying in Groups

If you have questions or would like more information about the series, contact Jacie Moriyama.