Silhouette of young people celebratingSetting Buffs Up for Success is a series written by ASSETT’s Student Technology Consultants to support CU students, especially in uncertain times. Each article is written by students to help other students succeed at CU and beyond. We hope this series will guide you through your time at CU, give you ideas about how to start planning for your future, and inspire you to think big.

Article 1: Where Are You Now?

Where are you now? It’s a simple question with an equally simple answer. But when the question changes to ‘Where are you now, in life?’ the answer becomes far more complicated. Looking at our lives and really assessing where we are right now is tough, but not impossible.

Article 2: Your Many Futures

Now that you know where you are, let’s talk about how to get where you want to go. You’ve probably realized you have a LOT of options. Are they overwhelming? We’ll walk you through some exercises about how you might find your future—or two!

Article 3: What To Do When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

When a disruptive life event will impact your future, and you need to adjust your goals and plans in response to it, the event can take an even greater emotional toll. There is no right way to continue after a disrupting event, but here are somes steps we suggest; reframing it, learning from it, and incorporating it into your future as a place to start. 

Photo by Guille Álvarez on Unsplash