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This is not your junior-high geography

Encompassing South American wildfires, Arctic sea-ice retreat, post-Soviet politics, climate change in Tibet and GIS, CU Boulder geographers keep their fingers on the pulse of a changing world.


Primate extinction looms, but hope remains, scientist says

The first question in conservation is whether to focus on conserving species or habitat. Anthropologist Joanna Lambert has proposed conservation tactics that focus on particular primate species.


Music helped Swedish subculture become nationalist political movement

Benjamin Teitelbaum spent seven years researching the rise of the Sweden Democrats and the increased nationalism of the region. Teitelbaum is not a political scientist or geopolitical analyst. He is an ethnomusicologist.


Sociology prof probes bureaucratic causes of environmental justice failures

With environmental justice programs showing minimal success in bringing equality to low-income communities, Jill Harrison is actively exploring bureaucratic causes, and she has won a fellowship from American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), which will support her work.


Russian Jewish immigrants, from rescue to rejection

Russian Jewish American artists, scholars examine the immigrant experience at a time of increasing threat.


From Russia, with knowledge

CU Boulder political scientist Sarah Sokhey, who has watched evolution of Putin’s Russia up close, isn’t surprised by reports of election meddling and doesn’t see Russia as predestined to become less democratic.


Striving to help women feel they belong in physics

By creating a sense of belonging for women in physics, the University of Colorado Boulder is helping female students succeed, experts in the field say.


Educators to get their RAP on

For the first time next fall, CU Boulder will host a Residential Academic Program for students interested in not only learning how to learn, but learning how to teach, as well, as Sewall Hall will host the first RAP for would-be educators.


Spelling-bee champ muses on luck and rockets

Ben Lenger is surprisingly nonchalant about winning the 2017 Barnes & Noble Regional Spelling Bee. But perhaps that’s no surprise. The seventh grader at Sunset Middle School in Longmont is an old hand at spelling bees, and has learned that anything can happen.


Beltway veteran is an éminence grise … at 26

Anyone who has watched the progression in hair color among U.S. presidents—George W. Bush and Barack Obama are two recent, vivid examples—doesn’t doubt the connection between stress and graying. Talk to 26-year-old Derek Dash and he’ll tell you that just working for a presidential administration is enough to do the trick.


In Buff-friendly family, it’s all in the family code

Patrick Mulligan’s father may have transferred from University of Colorado Boulder to graduate from the University of Denver, but his continuing love for Buffs football paved the way for two generations of CU students.


Student unlocks mysteries of Norlin’s Tibetan Buddhist texts

As an undergraduate at Siena College, Eben Yonnetti, on a whim, went on a study abroad trip to Nepal to study in the Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples program. Yonnetti eventually became so engaged with Tibetans and Tibetan culture that he decided to study Tibetan language and religious practices and ideas


Climbing higher in Himalaya studies

Building on the expertise of faculty scholars, the Tibet Himalaya Initiative is putting CU Boulder on experts’ map.