CU Boulder Human Resources recently released a second round of survey data about employee engagement. Conducted by Arthur Gallagher, the survey comprised 54 survey items organized around 11 “drivers” of engagement such as innovation, growth, leadership and rewards. All data provided for the 2020 survey was collected before impacts of COVID-19.

The first round of data collected in 2017 indicated a significant opportunity for improved engagement among staff, so strategic planning and programming targeted this population. As a result, several changes were implemented in the College of Arts and Sciences including the launch of the Be Heard, employee-engagement program. The new survey results indicated that these efforts produced significant improvement in each of the 11 drivers of engagement for staff. 

2020 data indicate the following staff strengths:

  • their work is aligned with the mission of CU Boulder
  • they are recognized by their leadership for their accomplishments
  • their ideas and suggestions are seriously considered
  • they have opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their work
  • they have strong communication with team members

Building on these successes, the College of Arts and Sciences is positioned to make continued improvements on the new survey data “areas for attention.” These areas include:

  • improving new employee orientation
  • encouraging staff to take risks/try new approaches
  • improving understanding of vision and strategic imperatives
  • improving prioritization of initiatives across the university and providing a clearer understanding of how success is measured.

While some faculty engagement indices declined (such as resources, recognition and growth), engagement was still high in many key areas. Faculty members indicate that engagement strengths included:

  • being involved in decision-making with academic-unit leadership
  • trust
  • respect and strong working relationship among faculty in their unit and the opportunity for CU Boulder faculty to share innovative ideas
  • engagement by the college dean 

The data indicate areas for improved faculty engagement specifically related to campus executive-level leadership, communication, onboarding, prioritization and responsiveness to feedback.

Arthur Gallagher will provide access to the 2020 engagement survey at the unit level to supervisors who have five or more respondents, via email. Supervisors will have access to data only for units they oversee (unless the units received less than five survey responses). Additionally, everyone may access the college level data using this link.

The college takes these results seriously and encourages all employees to contribute to growing employee engagement. The college will continue to analyze these results and look for opportunities to support the significant progress we have made while addressing key opportunities for continued improvement.