Pictured from Left to Right: [Back Row] Dr. Seth Hornstein, Jacob Clauson, Veronica Estrada, Quinton Babcock, Dr. Nils Halverson, Troy Hesse, Curran Collier - [Front Row] Alex Holzer, Aislyn Bell, Shaughnessy Dunn, Maeve Rodgers, Alexander Fix, Grace Shore, and MacKenzie Dean [Not Pictured: Oliver Robidoux]


Ben C. Parmenter Memorial Scholarship

  • Quintin Babcock
  • Shaughnessy Dunn
  • Veronica Estrada
  • Troy Hesse

Perspectives Endowment

  • Jacob Clauson

Scherpenseel Undergraduate Award

  • Alex Holzer

Susan E. Wesley Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Aislyn Bell
  • MacKenzie Dean**
  • Grace Shore

Theodore Snow Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Oliver Robidoux
  • Maeve Rodgers

Richard A. McCray Scholarship 

  • Curran Collier
  • Alexander Fix

J. Tour Scholarship (College of Arts & Sciences)

  • Aislyn Bell

**MacKenzie Dean was also awarded a college level 2023 Jacob Van Ek Scholars Award.