APPM Department Colloquium - Anne Sheehan

Sept. 22, 2006

Event Description: Anne Sheehan, CIRES and Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder Seismic imaging of the earth’s crust and mantle Much like a medical CT scan, seismic waves can be used to make detailed images of the Earth’s interior. Most seismic processing involves time series analysis and enhancement...

APPM Department Colloquium - Mary Nelson

Sept. 15, 2006

Event Description: Mary Nelson, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder Oral assessments: improved in grades and retention We have all heard it said that, “You really don’t understand something until you teach it.” We know that is because teaching forces us to clarify ideas and learn to explain...

APPM Department Colloquium - Per-Gunnar Martinsson

Sept. 8, 2006

Event Description: Per-Gunnar Martinsson, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder Fast numerical techniques for solving partial differential equations There exists a multitude of techniques for computing approximate solutions to partial differential equations. In this talk, we will describe a set of such techniques that are based on a...

APPM Department Colloquium - Elisabeth Larsson

Sept. 1, 2006

Event Description: Elisabeth Larsson, Researcher at Uppsala University Radial basis function approximations for high-dimensional PDEs Radial basis function methods have some properties that make them attractive for approximation of functions in many dimensions or solutions to high-dimensional PDE problems. Application areas where such problems arise are e.g. financial mathematics, quantum...

APPM Department Colloquium - Peter B. Teets

March 16, 2006

Event Description: Peter B. Teets, Undersecretary of the U.S. Air Force and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office Applied Mathematics: Gateway to Success This talk will include a discussion of how my Applied Mathematics background prepared me well for a career in the space and defence industry. In addition I...