Graduate Students

  • Erin Ellefsen: gradauted in 2022 and worked on non-linear, non-local models in ecology.  She is an Assistant professor in Earlham College. 
  • Lyndsey Wong: gradauted in 2022 and worked on the modeling an analysis of gentrification.  
  • Caroline Yang: graduated 2018 and worked on the analysis of traveling waves in a model for rioting activity.  She is now a mathematician at Great Minds.

Undergraduate Students

  • Anna Hendricks
  • Scott Baker
  • David Stearns
  • Abigail Hause
  • Amanda Liddle
  • Avishai Halev: now at UC Davis
  • Keshav Patel: now at the University of Utah
  • Yi Hu: now at Carnegie Mellon 
  • Shendung Sun