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In memory of Keith Julien: June 12th, 1965 - April 14th, 2024


Keith Julien Departmental Memorial recording (Passcode: r4rv$*.j)



Supporting the Julien Family:

Theo’s College Tuition

Many have asked how they can help following Keith’s tragic and untimely death. As all of you know, Keith was an incredibly dedicated and conscientious provider for his family. One of the things that was most important to him was ensuring Theo could attend and finish college at Harvey Mudd without accruing debt. Keith had already secured next year’s (Theo’s Junior year) tuition, but given the loss of Keith’s income, one meaningful way to support the Juliens is by financially contributing to cover Theo’s Senior year tuition. You can contribute via Zelle or Venmo below. Funds will be transferred to the existing 529 Plan that Keith established for Theo.

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