5th Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium
August 15, 2019
University of Colorado Boulder


We are pleased to invite you to the 5th Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium (FRAMS) in Boulder, CO. The purpose of FRAMS is to share recent research in the field of magnetism and encourage collaborations among professors, postdocs, and graduate students in the Rocky Mountain Region. The 5th FRAMS will be a one-day symposium featuring:

  • Talks by professors, postdocs, and senior researchers (by invitation only)
  • Posters by postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students
  • Poster awards sponsored by IEEE Magnetics Society
  • Student travel support for IEEE Magnetics Society members
  • Breakfast and lunch

For any questions and inquiries, please contact Ezio Iacocca (ezio.iacocca@colorado.edu)



August 15, 2019


University Memorial Center (UMC) in the CU Boulder Campus. 1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder CO, 80309. See Map

Parking is encouraged in the Euclid parking garage, near the UMC



Program pdf here



Ezio Iacocca, CU Boulder

Hans Nembach, NIST Boulder and CU Boulder

Emilie Jué, NIST Boulder and CU Boulder

Ron Goldfarb, NIST Boulder


Past Symposia

  • 2018 4th FRAMS, August 25, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
  • 2017 3rd FRAMS, August 30, University of Denver
  • 2016 2nd FRAMS, August 18-19, University of Wyoming
  • 2015 1st FRAMS, September 22, Colorado State University




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