Digital Learning Design Graduate Assistant $16-20/hr, 20-40hrs/wk

The Office for Academic Innovation (OAI) is seeking a Student Assistant to provide program design and project support for in-development Master of Science in Data Science courses, to be hosted on the Coursera platform. In particular, this position will focus most heavily on authoring assessments, and developing assessment methods that deliver education at scale. This position works closely with CU Boulder Faculty designing Statistics MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) .

The ideal applicant has a background in programming in R, working with Jupyter Notebooks, and experience with the content in STAT  5000 Statistical Methods and Applications I, which includes discrete and continuous probability distributions, expectation, laws of large numbers, central limit theorem, statistical parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.  Experience with the content in STAT 5010 Statistical Methods and Applications II, including regression analysis and other statistical models is a plus, but not required. Familiarity with teaching and learning, academic technology and an entrepreneurial spirit for problem solving is also a plus. If you are inspired by the possibilities of reaching thousands of students through teaching online, regardless of your background, we encourage you to apply.

Required qualifications:

  • Experience with programming in R 

  • Experience with Jupyter Notebook design 

  • Knowledge of basic statistical methods and applications 


Additional qualifications:

  • Experience as a course, learning, or teaching assistant using learning management systems (such as D2L) to teach online.

  • Background in Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science, or technical disciplines.

  • Experience with the content in STAT 5010, including knowledge of regression analysis and other statistical models


To apply, please send a résumé and a short cover letter to that tells us something important about your qualifications that is not readily apparent from your résumé.  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled. All applications submitted on or before Tuesday, December 15th will be considered.