Colloquia are on Fridays 4:10-5:00 unless noted.

Aug. 27    Mason Porter, UCLA, Opinion Dynamics on Networks, ECCR 200, Recording passcode: =2Wdi4^4

Sep. 3    Doug Nychka, Colorado School of Mines, Climate models, large spatial datasets, and harnessing deep learning for a statistical computation, Recording

Sep. 10    John Bush, MIT, Hydrodynamic quantum analogs, Recording passcode: FJU&S1MK

Sep. 17    Matthew Norman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Fluids algorithms from a High Performance Computing Perspective, Recording passcode: nJ6rarC.

Sep. 24    Leslie Greengard, NYU, Adaptive methods for the simulation of diffusion and fluid flow in complex geometriesRecording

Oct. 1    Margaret Cheney, CSU, Passive Source Localization, Recording

Oct. 8.  Eduardo Corona, CU, A crash course in boundary integral methods with applications to Stokesian suspensions, Room Recording

Oct. 15   No Colloquium

October 22    Lisa Fauci, Tulane, Buckling, Mixing, swimming, dissolving: adventures with helices at the microscale, Room Recording 

October 29    Nalini Joshi, Sydney, Motion and monodromy, Recording

November 5    Orit Peleg, CU, Physical Computation in Insect Swarms, Recording

November 12    Greg Chini, UNH, Mixing Hot and Cold with Sound​ZOOM passcode 892615

November 19    Larry Abbott, Columbia, ZOOM passcode 892615

December 3    TBA

December 10  TBA