Published: March 2, 2020

 Keith JulienProfessor Keith Julien, the chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics, has received a Kirk Distinguished Fellowship from the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, England, UK. As part of the upcoming Fall program, Professor Julien will be a member of the program on Frontiers in Dynamo Theory: From the Earth to the Stars. He will attend the program for period of 4 weeks and deliver a keynote lecture. 

The Institute of Mathematics is able to award fellowships through generous donations. As of 2019, a generous £250,000 donation from the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust has allowed the establishment of the Kirk Distinguished Visting Fellowships scheme. The fellowship provides funding for one senior mathematician selected from under-represented groups within higher mathematical research. 

The Isaac Newton Institute of Mathematics is devoted to the advancement of mathematics “in the broadest sense.” To achieve this, they employ strict criterion for program selection. According to their website, programs are selected by the extent to which the topic is “interdisciplinary, bringing together research workers with very different backgrounds and expertise.” Since the institute opened in July 1992, 27 Fields Medalists, 9 Nobel Laureates, 23 Wolf Prize winners, and 12 Abel Prize winners have attended programs at the institute.