Published: Feb. 8, 2020 By

 Mark HoeferDr. Mark Hoefer has recently received a College Scholar Award from the College of Arts and Sciences. Along with the recognition, Dr. Hoefer will also receive a year-long sabbatical at full salary during which he will spend the first six months at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, England engaging in his research on nonlinear wave phenomena.

At the Isaac Newton Institute, Dr. Hoefer will be participating in and helping to organize a six-month residential research program titled “Dispersive Hydrodynamics: Mathematics, Simulations, and Experiments with Applications in Nonlinear Waves.” There will be participants from all over the world: 25 to 30 people in residence, sharing offices, giving seminars and collaborating on research problems in the area of dispersive hydrodynamics. Applied mathematics students that Dr. Hoefer is working with will also spend time at the institute. Dr. Hoefer acknowledged that “this extended program demonstrates the growing interest in this field of physical applied mathematics.” 

Dr. Hoefer expressed gratitude for receiving this award: “I feel honored and grateful to have been acknowledged by the department and the college in this way. It gives me a special opportunity to really engage in that research in a way that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to.” Another exciting aspect of this trip is that it has been a long time coming. Dr. Hoefer has been a faculty member for about 11 years and this is his first sabbatical. He will live with his wife and dog for six months in a country with a rich history and culture. After having visited the U.K. many times while working on a book with another collaborator, Dr. Hoefer’s affinity for the British lifestyle—especially tea time—will make his trip extra special.

Congratulations to Dr. Hoefer for winning this award. You are an exceptional member of the Applied Math faculty, and we at the Department wish you the best of luck.