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Congratulations to all of the hardworking 2019 Applied Math graduates, which included 51 bachelors (BS), 3 masters (MS), 8 BS/MS, and 6 doctorate (PhD) graduates! All of the students who graduated on May 9 worked hard on their degrees and deserved the ceremony and reception that followed.

The graduates are all doing different and equally amazing things as their next steps in their mathematical careers. One graduate is travelling to Africa to help teach mathematics, others are preparing for masters or doctorate programs, and others are jumping right into successful industry jobs. The great diversity in post-graduation plans shows the breadth of the studies in the Applied Math department that allows a student to follow many different possible career paths with their degree.

Thursday’s commencement ceremony brought many to tears, as Joey Evans’ family was honored a posthumous degree and given a heartfelt speech from Dr. Anne Dougherty. If you would like to read more about Joey, there is an article dedicated to Joey.Dr. Dougherty

There were also many photos taken of the ceremony.

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Congratulations graduates and good luck! Remember to visit the Department to tell us what amazing things you're all doing.