Published: Jan. 30, 2018 By

The Colorado Journal for Applied Mathematics is a student club at the University of Colorado which was founded by the members from the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The journal focuses on highlighting research and innovative projects within the university.

Will Shand is a sophomore at CU, studying applied math and computer science, who has a knack for communicating the findings of both scientific and mathematical research. As a founding member of CJAM, he hopes that the journal will expand community outreach and get students, staff, and faculty interested in new projects.

In the last few months, CJAM struck a partnership with the student podcast ,Probably Novel, to team up in hopes of helping each other create engaging content. Probably Novel is a podcast aired through Radio 1190 which tells similar stories. Both groups hope a partnership means they can bring new perspectives and cover more ground.  

CJAM is always accepting submissions of new material. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit any work or research they’ve been doing both independently and under faculty guidance. They also accept submissions of originally written articles or essays in STEM fields. Submissions can be sent to and more information can be found on their website. “We are just now starting to publish, and people are really excited,” said Shand. He said that one of his favorite submissions that the journal revived was a hypothetical research essay about life on mars.

In the next few months, the journal staff is optimistic about the club’s growth. They’re working on creating more of a connection with the community and have started reaching out to more students at CU. They’ve done this through presentations to professors and creating marketing materials to hang in the hallway. “We’ve been interesting in publishing shorter articles about topics people are interested in and that aren’t lengthy. We’ve been trying to find ways to make it more accessible and easy to read,” said Shand.