Published: April 13, 2007
Event Description:

Natasha Flyer, Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe), NCAR

Modeling simple atmospheric flows on the sphere using radial basis functions

Since the early 1990s, radial basis functions (RBFs) have been applied to solve simple elliptical and mixed parabolic partial differential equations (PDEs). Not until 2003 was the RBF methodology applied to spherical geometries, and then only to low algebraic accuracy. The results to be presented are the first study ever to numerically integrate: 1) purely active PDEs and 2) the full shallow water model on a sphere using RBFs to spectral accuracy. With regard to the former, the two test cases considered are linear advection of a height field over the surface of the sphere and deformational flow that models the spin up of two diametrically opposed vortices. For the shallow water model, only steady-state solutions will be considered. The RBF methodology is evaluated in terms of accuracy and time stability. Comparisons with common spectral methods will be given.

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Boulder, CO 
Room: 245
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Name: Ian Cunningham
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