Published: April 6, 2007
Event Description:

Bengt Fornberg, Department of Applied Mathematics, CU Boulder

Radial basis functions for solving PDEs - some recent developments

Radial basis functions (RBFs) originated in the 1970s as a method for interpolating scattered data. More recently, both our knowledge about RBFs and their range of applications have grown tremendously. They easily generalize multiple dimensions, handle irregular domains, and can be spectrally accurate both for interpolation and for solving PDEs. We will discuss some key properties of RBF interpolants and some computational algorithms for the resulting linear systems. We will also compare RBF approaches with some other approaches (finite difference and spectral methods) for the numerical solution of Poisson’s equation in 2-D domains. Recent examples of their use in the geosciences will be presented in the Colloquium next week by Dr. Natasha Flyer (NCAR).

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Main Campus - Engineering Classroom Wing  (View Map)
1111 Engineering DR 
Boulder, CO 
Room: 245
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Name: Ian Cunningham
Phone: 303-492-4668