Published: Jan. 26, 2007
Event Description:

Larry Hunter, Center for Computational Parmacology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Staying at the forefront of biomedical knowledge: text mining and semantic data integration

The advent of “high-throughput” molecular instrumentation has revolutionized molecular biology, causing an overwhelming flood of valuable new information that threatens to outstrip the ability of researches to fully exploit it. These instruments also wreaked havoc on traditional disciplinary boundaries, further increasing the scope of information molecular biologists must assimilate. Aftera brief overview of the types and source of high-throughput molecular biology data, I will describe two approaches to addressing these challenges: text mining and semantic data integration. Graphical probabilistic models form the backbone of our integration approach, and I will emphasize recent results and open challenges in that area.

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Main Campus - Engineering Classroom Wing  (View Map)
1111 Engineering DR 
Boulder, CO 
Room: 245
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Name: Ian Cunningham
Phone: 303-492-4668