Published: Sept. 22, 2006
Event Description:

Anne Sheehan, CIRES and Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder

Seismic imaging of the earth’s crust and mantle

Much like a medical CT scan, seismic waves can be used to make detailed images of the Earth’s interior. Most seismic processing involves time series analysis and enhancement of small signals. In this talk I will describe aspects of seismic signal processing (filtering, deconvolution, stacking), seismic tomography, converted phase imaging, and waveform modeling. Applications of these techniques will be illustrated with examples from studies of the Earth’s crust and mantle structure beneath the Rocky Mountains and the Himalaya.

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Main Campus - Engineering Classroom Wing  (View Map)
1111 Engineering DR 
Boulder, CO 
Room: 265
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Name: Ian Cunningham
Phone: 303-492-4668