Undergraduate students receive a thorough grounding in the modern language, an introduction to the classical language and literature and a broad familiarity with the literary and cultural history of their selected area.

Students interested in Chinese or Japanese are encouraged to broaden their academic horizon through a double major, combining either language with another field of interest. Likewise, students in all Asian Languages and Civilizations programs as well as programs outside the department can pursue one of the department's minors or certificates as a way of broadening their career options.

Before registering for specific courses, students should consult with a departmental advisor concerning appropriate placement in language classes beyond the beginning level.

In addition to language instruction courses, the department offers several courses taught in English. These courses provide an excellent introduction to the literary and cultural histories of the areas involved. They are open to all interested students and do not require previous study of the language or subjects addressed.

The department strongly encourages all students to participate in Study Abroad to enrich their studies in our programs. For information about programs throughout the world, contact the Education Abroad office.


Bachelors-Accelerated-Master (BAM)