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The Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations (ALC), founded in 1982, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chinese and Japanese, five minor programs, two certificate programs, as well as language, literature and culture courses in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi/Urdu, Japanese and Korean. ALC brings global diversity to the curriculum and the Boulder campus of CU. Our department’s focus on a broad swath of the non-western world puts us in the position to share worldviews and traditions of literature, culture, thought, and artistic expression developed by civilizations in pre-modern, modern, and contemporary South Asia, East Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. 

Majors and minors receive a thorough grounding in their choice of language and develop familiarity with the literary and cultural histories of their selected area. Recent graduates have found positions in such fields as government service, international business and secondary-school teaching; others have gone on to graduate study in Chinese or Japanese.

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