Center for British and Irish Studies

The Center for British and Irish Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder promotes research and teaching in all aspects of British and Irish life, culture, and history. Joining the humanities and performing arts, the social sciences, and the professional fields, the Center uses an interdisciplinary approach to British and Irish Studies.

The Center contributes to teaching and research by offering an undergraduate Certificate in British and Irish Studies, interdisciplinary seminars for graduate students, and travel fellowships and event funding opportunities to support the study of British and Irish issues. The Center is involved with the wider community through our association with groups and companies in the state that have British interests, our display of British art loaned by local collectors in the British Studies Room and in special exhibits, and by welcoming members of the community to join us at our lectures, performances by British and Irish groups, art exhibits, and other special events.

The University of Colorado Libraries hold one of the finest collections of British and Irish Studies materials in the country, including some materials that are available nowhere else in North America. The beautiful British and Irish Studies Room at Norlin Library is not only intended for use by people working with our library collections, but also serves to host a wide range of lectures, seminars, and performances by distinguished visitors, many of them from Britain and Ireland.