The Finding Guides in this volume contain entries for primary materials, collections of sources, and some reference or research aids. They do not list secondary works, standard printed sources such as literary texts, or current scholarly and popular periodicals. Such works are readily accessible through the Chinook catalogue of the holdings of the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries, available online.

These Guides include material on Britain, Ireland, and British colonial involvement in Africa and Asia. They do not list all collections focusing on colonial North America.

Finding Guides are provided for British Studies materials in the following specialized collections within the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries:

The Combined Index to all sections of the British Studies Finding Guides is the best place to begin a search.

The main entry under which a collection is entered in these Guides is a working title, chosen to provide ready access for users. If the collection was sold commercially under a different title, or if it appears in the University of Colorado Libraries catalogue under another title, the other names are given below the main entry, in parentheses. Thus:

Home Office Papers and Records: PRO Class HO 42 (1782-1820).
("Order and Authority in England, 1782-1820.")

In the case of copies or reproductions, the Guides name wherever possible the archive in which the original manuscripts or printed works are located.

Many of the microform collections were acquired through grants from the University of Colorado's Humanities Special Purchase Fund; other sets have been purchased with the Libraries' own funds.

This version of the British Studies Finding Guides (originally prepared in 1992 and revised in 1995 and 1998) was produced in 2005 by Sharon Stillman-Curtis and members of the library faculty, assisted by the Center for British and Irish Studies, Prof. Marjorie McIntosh, and Jennifer Gerke of the Government Publications department. Works acquired after summer 2005 will be included in Norlin Library's Chinook online catalogue.

Problems & Comments

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