The Center for British & Irish Studies Room (CBIS Room) is located on the fifth floor of Norlin Library (room M549). Its primary purpose is to host University-sponsored academic programs and events related to the study of British and Irish culture, history, and society, including the global history and legacy of the British empire. Inquiries or reservation requests should be directed to Brandy Minardi (

Services & Facilities

The CBIS Room is dedicated to hosting University-sponsored academic programs and events related to British and Irish studies, with the approval of the Director of the Center for British & Irish Studies. The room may also be available to rent for University-sponsored events not related to these studies for a base fee of $250 per use/day.

The CBIS Room seats 80 and has a maximum capacity of 100 standing. There are 80 chairs and seven large wooden tables. The Room has a projector system, screen, VGA input, and a microphone with stand. Additional seating and technical needs are the responsibility of the renter. The Center and Libraries do not provide in-person planning or technical support during events. With advance notice, the furniture in the room can be arranged in either a lecture format (chairs in rows at the front) or a luncheon format (chairs around tables).

  • Norlin Security (Norlin S205, 303/492-5527) is responsible for opening the Room and elevator to the 5th floor for events.
  • The CBIS Room is wheelchair-accessible from the west entrance of Norlin library via elevator to the 5th floor. ADA restroom access is available on the 3rd floor, SE corner.
  • Visitors should check with campus parking for availability. Lot 380, north of Norlin Library, is available for metered parking after 5:00pm Monday-Friday and on weekends.
  • Inquiries or reservation requests should be directed to Brandy Minardi.

General Rules & Information

All deliveries including all catering must be made through the Service Entry (the north loading dock). The CBIS Room is only available for use during open hours for Norlin Library. Events must end 15 minutes before the building closes. Events scheduled in afternoons following a seminar may not enter the room (including catering and room set-up personnel) until 4:00 p.m. to allow the class time to end.

  • Each group is responsible for clean-up after its event and for any damage to the CBIS or its collection. All food items and trash must be removed and doors locked prior to leaving the Center.
  • No decorations or signage may be affixed to the walls, stairways, or ceilings.
  • Users must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the use of scheduled facilities complies with local, state, and national laws, and University policies and regulations.

Food Service

It is the responsibility of the user group to give its caterer all information in this user policy.

  • Alcoholic beverages: Users must comply with university regulations.
  • All Catering needs to go through the Service Entry (loading dock on north-side of Norlin Library). For events running past 5:00 p.m. or on weekends, entrance through the loading dock should be coordinated with Norlin Security, 303/492-5527, to unlock doors. 
  • The Center for British and Irish Studies does not provide linens, dishes, tableware, glasses, or paper products; these must be provided by the caterer or user. Tablecloths must be used on any table at which food will be served. Due to the size of the tables, two tablecloths are needed to cover each table.
  • Exhibit cases and Center furniture must never be used as receptacles for dirty dishes. Sufficient catering staff must be present to provide adequate service.
  • Caterers or rental groups bringing their own food must provide complete clean-up of the Center for British and Irish Studies and carry away all trash in their own trash bags. To avoid insect infestation, no food, dishes, trash, or flowers may be left in the Center for British and Irish Studies overnight.
  • Candles and other open flames are prohibited. Sternos used for heated dishes may be used if catering is on site to supervise.
  • To avoid insect infestation, no food, dishes, trash, or flowers may be left in the Center for British Studies overnight.
  • In general, the Center cannot accommodate large potluck events.