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ENGL 3246-001: Topics in Popular Culture: Science Fiction

This course investigates why contemporary popular culture imagines the future in post-apocalyptic terms. We’ll examine... Read more
creative writing

ENGL 1191: Introduction to Creative Writing

This course introduces students to techniques of writing fiction and poetry. Student work is scrutinized by the instructor and may be discussed in a workshop atmosphere with other students. Read more

ENGL 5029-001: British Literature and Culture Before 1800, Literature and Human Rights

Rights are entitlements or justifiable claims; human rights are a special kind of claim that... Read more

ENGL 5109-001: Literature and Culture of the United States: Contemporary Black Poetry

This course examines recent work by black American poets. We shall survey the range of voices, attitudes toward art, differing notions about the responsibilities of the poet, and conceptions of the relationship among literature, race, and society. Read more

ENGL 5109-002: Jewish-American Literature

This course explores Jewish-American fiction and drama from the late nineteenth century through today. We will read classics as well as some more modern works. We'll be asking difficult questions of this literature: why was it written, does it qualify as ethnic literature, and what role does it play in American literary history? Read more

ENGL 5459-001, 002: Introduction to the Profession

This course will provide new graduate students at the masters and doctoral levels with an... Read more

ENGL 5229-001: Poetry Workshop

This course is designed to give students time and impetus to generate poetry and discussion of it in an atmosphere at once supportive and critically serious. Enrollment requires admission to the Creative Writing Graduate Program or the instructor's approval of an application manuscript. Read more
lit theory

ENGL 5529-001: Teaching Literature: Pedagogies and Practices

This class will explore the fundamentals of good teaching, both philosophically and practically. The philosophical... Read more

ENGL 5059: British Literature and Culture after 1800: Victorian Poetry and Feminism

This course will consider how Victorian poetry approached what the era referred to as “The... Read more

ENGL 2058-001: 20th and 21st Century Literature

This course has three main aims: (1) to introduce you to a wide variety of significant literary works and movements from the twentieth century; (2) to explore the interconnections and influences that link literary works to historical and social pressures... Read more
media studies

ENGL 5549-002: Studies in Special Topics: A Literary History of Infrastructure and Media

This course introduces students to the new field called "Infrastructure Studies" - a field that... Read more
fiction workshop

ENGL 5239: Fiction Workshop

The primary activity in this class will be the reading and discussion of student work,... Read more

ENGL 3583-001: Milton

John Milton is among the most important and gifted poets to have written in the... Read more

ENGL 3088-001: Major Authors, Post 1900: W.B. Yeats

William Butler Yeats, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, richly repays careful... Read more

ENGL 5549-001: The Book as Media Object

This course explores media theory from a historical perspective, looking at 18th- and 19th-century instances of “media saturation.” We will consider the physical nature and structure of the codex and the historical changes that led to the emergence of media theory and book history. Expect theoretical forays into media ecology Read more