Featured Events

comic books through the ages

A Talk with Stephen Graham Jones: Comic Books Through The Ages

Join Stephen Graham Jones and the Undergraduate Student Advisory Council for an entertaining chat about comic books and their history. Read more
lit london

INTEREST MEETING: "Literary London: Virginia Woolf on Site"

Interested in studying Virginia Woolf in London this summer? Do not miss the interest meeting!... Read more
The Less teaching, the more learning

The Less Teaching, The More Learning, and other lessons from the radical past

On Wednesday, October 18, at 2 p.m., Professor Marty Bickman will give an enlightening talk about his experience teaching college-level English and his career in higher education. Read more

Prof. Frederick Luis Aldama - Reel and Real LATINX Lives Matter

Frederick Luis Aldama is Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor of English, University Distinguished Scholar, and... Read more
what to do with that major

What to do with that major: Careers for students in the Arts & Humanities

Careers for students in the Arts & Humanities What to do with that Major? Career... Read more
poetry reading

Ali Hasan and Grant Souders - Poetry reading

Ali Hasan and Grant Souders will read selections of their poetry from published and in-progress... Read more
what is research in english

What is Research in English: Creative Writers' Research Methods

Participate in a panel discussion with English department faculty and learn how they conduct research for their creative work. Read more
welcom picnic

Fall Welcome Picnic

Kick off the semester with the English Department! Meet faculty, staff and fellow students. Read more

Congratulations 2017 Class Valedictorian Breanne Marie Pye (at microphone) and all CU English Graduates!

On Friday, May 12, 2017, graduate and undergraduate students in literature and creative writing filled the Mary Rippon Theater with friends and family to celebrate the well-earned receipt of their BA, MA, MFA and Doctorate Degrees. Congratulations all CU English Department graduates. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, careers and continued academic pursuits! Read more

Ruth Ellen Kocher in Conversation with Colorado Matters

This Thursday, May 18, Professor Ruth Ellen Kocher will discuss Third Voice (Tupelo Press, 2016) with Ryan Warner of "Colorado Matters" (Colorado Public Radio). For Third Voice, Professor Kocher received the Independent Publisher Award for Poetry and was a finalist for the 2017 Colorado Book Award in Poetry, the Rilke Award for Poetry and the Binghamton University Milt Kessler Poetry Book Award. Read more

DIS-REPAIR WORKSHOP with visiting artist/researcher Rob Duarte

Learn how to hack broken and outdated mice and keyboards to create new ways of physically interacting with computers! You'll use low-tech methods to create sensors that allow users to control games by punching, create computer music by twisting knobs, or manipulate a video projection by moving objects on a table - all without programming microcontrollers. Read more

Screening and discussion of Killing Gaza with filmmaker and journalist Max Blumenthal

Killing Gaza intimately examines Israel’s fifty-one day offensive in summer 2014 against Gaza and Hamas... Read more

Undergraduate UROP Grant Opportunities!

This is the second of three faculty panel sessions, scheduled for Spring and Fall 2017, titled, “What is Research in English?” At these sessions, English department faculty will introduce students to the vast range of faculty research projects that are currently being conducted by tenured and tenure-track faculty members. Read more

Yohei Igarashi - Official Romanticism Maximized: Wordsworth and Bureaucratic Form

How did Wordsworth’s other career, as a civil servant specializing in stamp and legacy taxes, affect his poetry? Wordsworth’s work as Distributor of Stamps — odes to duty of a different kind — brings into focus the evolution of Britain’s fiscal-bureaucratic infrastructure during the long eighteenth century, and raises the question... Read more

Peter Capuano - Digital Humanities and Analogic Scholarship

This talk addresses the possibilities, pitfalls, and merits of combining computational methodologies and traditional literary analysis. Read more

Featured Courses

creative writing

ENGL 1191: Introduction to Creative Writing

This course introduces students to techniques of writing fiction and poetry. Student work is scrutinized by the instructor and may be discussed in a workshop atmosphere with other students. Read more

ENGL 5029-001: British Literature and Culture Before 1800, Literature and Human Rights

Rights are entitlements or justifiable claims; human rights are a special kind of claim that... Read more

ENGL 5109-001: Literature and Culture of the United States: Contemporary Black Poetry

This course examines recent work by black American poets. We shall survey the range of voices, attitudes toward art, differing notions about the responsibilities of the poet, and conceptions of the relationship among literature, race, and society. Read more

ENGL 5459-001, 002: Introduction to the Profession

This course will provide new graduate students at the masters and doctoral levels with an... Read more

ENGL 5229-001: Poetry Workshop

This course is designed to give students time and impetus to generate poetry and discussion of it in an atmosphere at once supportive and critically serious. Enrollment requires admission to the Creative Writing Graduate Program or the instructor's approval of an application manuscript. Read more
lit theory

ENGL 5529-001: Teaching Literature: Pedagogies and Practices

This class will explore the fundamentals of good teaching, both philosophically and practically. The philosophical... Read more

ENGL 5059: British Literature and Culture after 1800: Victorian Poetry and Feminism

This course will consider how Victorian poetry approached what the era referred to as “The... Read more

ENGL 2058-001: 20th and 21st Century Literature

This course has three main aims: (1) to introduce you to a wide variety of significant literary works and movements from the twentieth century; (2) to explore the interconnections and influences that link literary works to historical and social pressures... Read more
media studies

ENGL 5549-002: Studies in Special Topics: A Literary History of Infrastructure and Media

This course introduces students to the new field called "Infrastructure Studies" - a field that... Read more
fiction workshop

ENGL 5239: Fiction Workshop

The primary activity in this class will be the reading and discussion of student work,... Read more

ENGL 3583-001: Milton

John Milton is among the most important and gifted poets to have written in the... Read more

ENGL 3088-001: Major Authors, Post 1900: W.B. Yeats

William Butler Yeats, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, richly repays careful... Read more

ENGL 5549-001: The Book as Media Object

This course explores media theory from a historical perspective, looking at 18th- and 19th-century instances of “media saturation.” We will consider the physical nature and structure of the codex and the historical changes that led to the emergence of media theory and book history. Expect theoretical forays into media ecology Read more

ENGL 7019-001: Advanced British Literature and Culture Before 1800: Spenser and Milton

In this course we will study the major poetic works of Edmund Spenser and John... Read more
north and south

ENGL 3856-001: Topics in Genre Studies: The Plantation and the Mill

Enslaved and working class laborers not only transformed Victorian England and antebellum America—they also wrote... Read more