I want more information on the English Major with a Creative Writing track.

The Creative Writing track is for students wishing a more in-depth, detailed exploration of creative writing and literature. Interested students should meet with an English academic advisor to learn more and declare the Creative Writing track; please see the appointment calendar at myCUHub.colorado.edu for available times. We recommend taking the ENGL 1191: Introduction to Creative Writing workshop as a first step prior to selecting the Creative Writing track.

How do I declare the Creative Writing Minor or get more information?

Sign into the advising website to see available new minor meetings, myCUHub.colorado.edu. Approximately 20 minutes long, minor meetings are the best place for information. At the end of the meeting, you may decide to declare the minor or not. Creative Writing Minor Checklist-updated to 15-16 catalog

When can I declare? Who can declare?

We recommended that students wishing to declare the creative writing minor already have declared a primary major in another department so that the student can make sure this minor can be completed before graduation. You cannot graduate with an incomplete minor. English majors and Creative Writing majors cannot declare this minor.

Students who are not Arts and Sciences students (Engineering, Journalism, or Music) should consult their major adviser first to make sure you will have enough time to complete this minor.

In general, it takes about 3 semesters to complete this minor.

What are the prerequisites for declaring the minor?

We highly recommended that all students wishing to declare the minor have completed:
ENGL 1191 Introduction to Creative Writing and ENGL 3041 Studies in Fiction and Poetry (prerequisite ENGL 1191 ). These two classes will give you a good idea about our department and whether the minor is a good fit for you.

What are the Creative Writing minor requirements?

Complete ENGL 1191 Introduction to Creative Writing and ENGL 3041 Studies in Fiction and Poetry. Then complete 4 additional creative writing workshops for a total of 18 credits, 9 upper division. All creative writing workshops have prerequisites which must be followed! Creative Writing Minor Checklist-updated to 15-16 catalog

All classes for this minor must be taken as daytime classes with the CU English department or as authorized Creative Writing online courses.