• Karen Auvinen
    Twice winner of an Academy of American Poets Award Rough Beauty (memoir)
  • Johannes Beilharz
    Translator of novels into German; author of Die gottlosen Ameisen (short stories) and Eine finnische Jazznummer für die Missverstandenen (poems).
  • Don Belton
    Author of Almost Midnight (novel); editor of Speak My Name: Black Men on Masculinity and the American Dream (essay collection).
  • Alan Bigelow
    Digital novelist and artist, author of Pamelasmall.com; work and installations have appeared in the Library of Congress (USA), SFMOMA, La Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris), The National Art Center (Tokyo), etc.; see webyarns.com.
  • Charles Blackstone
    Author of The Week You Weren’t Here; Vintage Attraction (novels).
  • Kurt Brown
    Author of Future Ship; Sincerest Flatteries: A Little Book of Imitation; Conversation Pieces: Poems That Talk to Other Poems; Blues for Bill: A Tribute to William Matthews; Fables From The Air, More Things in Heaven and Earth; The Measured Word: On Poetry and Science; Mammal New; Return of the Prodigal; Verse & Universe: Poems About Science and Mathematics; Night Out: Poems About Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Bar; Recension of the Biblical Watchdog; Facing the Lion; Writing it Down for James; Time-Bound; Killer Verse; No Other Paradise (all poems); Lost Sheep: Aspen’s Counterculture in the 1970s (memoir). Founder of the Aspen Writers’ Conference.
  • Reed Bye
    Author of Join the Planets: New and Selected Poems; Passing Freaks and Graces; Gaspar Still in His Cage; Some Magic at the Dump; Catching On (all poems).
  • Olivia Chadha
    Balance of Fragile Things (novel)
  • May-Lee Chai
    Author of The Autobiography of Ba Jin; Glamorous Asians: Short Stories and Essays; My Lucky Face; The Girl from Purple Mountain: Love, Honor, War, and One Family's Journey from China to America; Hapa Girl; Dragon Chica; Novel Girl (all novels or short story volumes).
  • Matthew Cooperman
    Author of Still: To Be Perpetual; A Sacrificial Zinc; Surge; Words about James; DaZE; Still: Of the Earth as the Ark Which Does Not Move (all poems).
  • Dave Cullen
    Author of Columbine (non-fiction).
  • Jeffrey DeShell
    Author of In Heaven Everything Is Fine; S&M; Peter: An (A)historical Romance; The Trouble with Being Born: A Novel of My Parents; ArtHouse; Expectation: A Francesca Fruscella Mystery (all novels).
  • Eurydice
    Author of Satyricon: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier (nonfiction); F/32 (novel).
  • Joseph Farbrook
    Multimedia digital artist. Recent venues include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, La Fabrica Arte Contemporaneo in Guatemala, and The International Center of Bethlehem in Palestine.
  • Michael Flatt
    Absent Receiver (poetry)
  • Gabrielle Fuentes
    Author of The Sleeping World (novel)
  • Robert Gatewood
    Author of The Sound of the Trees (novel)
  • David Gessner
    Author of Sick of Nature; The Prophet of Dry Hill; Return of the Osprey; and Soaring with Fidel (creative nonfiction).
  • Drew Goddard
    Writer, producer, and/or director of major Hollywood films and TV series including The Martian, Cabin in the Woods, Lost, Alias, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Peter Grandbois
    Author of The Gravedigger; Nahoonkara; Domestic Disturbances (both novels); three volumes in the Wordcraft Series of Fabulist Novellas; translator of San Juan: Memoir of a City.
  • Kate Grenville
    Author of Bearded Lady; The Idea of Perfection; Dreamhouse; Joan Makes History; Lilian's Story; Secret River; The Lieutenant; Sarah Thornhill (novels). Winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction and the Commonwealth Prize for Fiction.
  • Linda Hogan
    Author of Power; Dwellings; Mean Spirit; Solar Storms; The Book of Medicines; The Woman Who Watches over the World; People of the Whale (novels); Rounding the Hidden Corners (poems); Indios (poems). Two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist.
  • Ginu Kamani
    Author of Junglee Girl (novel).
  • Ted Kerasote
    Author of Navigations: The Future of Our Natural Lands; Heart of Home: People, Wildlife, Place; Bloodties: Nature, Culture, and the Hunt; Out There: In the Wild in a Wired Age; Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog (all nonfiction).
  • Erika Krouse
    Author of Come Up and See Me Some Time (story collection); Contenders (novel).
  • Rachel Levy
    Author of A Book So Red (story collection)
  • Mark Leyner
    Author of Why Do Men Have Nipples?: Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini; Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex? More Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Whiskey Sour; Let's Play Doctor: The Instant Guide to Walking, Talking, and Probing like a Real M.D. (nonfiction); I Smell Esther Williams; Tooth Imprints on a Corn Dog; My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist (story collections); Et Tu, Babe; The Tetherballs of Bougainville; The Sugar Frosted Nutsack; Gone with the Mind (novels); screenwriter of War, Inc.
  • Paulette Livers
    Author of Cementville (novel)
  • Laura Marello
    Author of Claiming Kin; Tenants of the Hotel Biron; Catch Me Go Looking (novels); The Gender of Inanimate Objects and Other Stories.
  • Courtney Morgan
    The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman (stories)
  • Bradford Morrow
    Author of Ariel’s Crossing; Trinity Fields; The Almanac Branch; Come Sunday; The Emerson Madrigal; The Night Watch; The Journey to Trinity; Meditations on a Shadow; Giovanni’s Gift; The Diviner’s Tale; The Forgers (novels).
  • Simone Muench
    Author of The Air Lost in Breathing; Lampblack & Ash; Notebook, Knife, Mentholatum; Love’s Apostrophes (poems).
  • Ted Pelton
    Founder of Stacherone Books; author of Endorsed By Jack Chapeau; Malcolm & Jack; Bhang; Bartleby, The Sportscaster (novels).
  • Christopher Rosales
    Author of Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper (novel)
  • Todd Seabrook
    The Imagination of Lewis Carroll (stories)
  • John Paul Stadler
    Prehistoric (stories)
  • Benjamin Whitmer
    Author of Pike and Cry Father (novels)
  • Mark Spitzer
    Author of Age of the Demon Tools; Chum; The Church; From Absinthe to Abyssinia; Chode!; Monstropocalypse, Opus IV (all novels); Proze Attack (essays); Season of the Gar and Return of the Gar (creative nonfiction); Writer in Residence; Sick in the Head (memoirs). Translator of work by, e.g., Georges Bataille and Jean Genet. Jill Talbot Author of Loaded: Women and Addiction; The Way We Weren’t (both creative nonfiction)
  • Susan Tichy
    Author of The Bone Pagoda; A Smell of Burning Starts the Day; The Hands in Exile (all poems). Pushcart Prize winner.
  • Luis Urrea
    Author of The Fever of Being; Ghost Sickness; Vatos (poems); Six Kinds of Sky (story collection); In Search of Snow; The Hummingbird's Daughter; Into the Beautiful North; Queen of (novels); Wandering Time: Western Notebooks; Nobody's Son: Notes from an American Life (memoirs) Across the wire; By the Lake of Sleeping Children; The Devil's Highway (nonfiction).
  • Sergio Waisman
    Author of Borges and Translation: The Irreverence of the Periphery and the novel Leaving. Translator of Latin American literature, including The Absent City by Ricardo Piglia. Winner of the National Endowment for the Arts Translation Award.
  • Eric Williamson
    Author of 14 Fictional Positions (story collection); Oakland, Jack London, and Me; Two-Up; East Bay Grease; Welcome to Oakland (novels); Say It Hot: Essays on American Writers Living, Dying, and Dead (literary criticism)