Leeds School of Business

University of Colorado Boulder

Global Initiatives

  • First-Year Global Experience

    This program consists of a spring-semester course that counts as a business elective and includes a class trip to an international destination during Spring Break or May. The course provides a meaningful global experience through an in-depth perspective of a set of industries and culture of a specific region outside the United States.

  • Global Seminars

    A global seminar is a three to five week course taught by a Leeds faculty member in a location outside of the United States where the business topics being covered can be directly observed and experienced. We currently offer global seminars in China, Hong Kong, Cape Town, London, Maastricht, Panama and Trivandrum (India).

  • Global Internships

    The global internship program consists of for-credit practical international experiences that typically occur during the summer. Internship opportunities are currently available in several locations in Australia, New Zealand and Chile, as well as London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Valencia (Spain).

  • Study Abroad

    Leeds collaborates with CU’s Study Abroad Office to offer a wide range of international opportunities. Through careful planning, students are able to study abroad without delaying graduation. Students will learn valuable business skills, such as cultural competence and leadership.

  • The Dean's Global Experience

    Once a year, the Dean will lead a non-academic experience to a fantastic location abroad. Students will participate in cultural and business visits, network with academic leaders and peers and gain personal and professional development.

  • Global Business Certificate

    Global Initiatives offers Leeds students the opportunity to obtain the Global Business Certificate. Students will complete 9 hours in international business courses, 6 hours in electives and participate in one of the 5 global experiences to obtain the certificate.

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