(Math, Science, and Engineering only)
The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation seeks outstanding students who exhibit motivation, imagination, and exceptional performance in the fields of engineering and natural or applied sciences.

  • Website
  • Campus deadline: Mid-February each year
  • Final deadline: Mid-March each year 
  • Term: Students may be awarded one or two years of funding for undergraduate work.
  • Amount of support: Scholars will be awarded $10,000 per year for education-related expenses.
  • Number of scholarships: CU will have only one scholar in residence at a time.  If an undergraduate is awarded funding for two years, there will be no search for a new scholar in the second year.


  • Students must be citizens of the United States.
  • Students must be entering their junior or senior year, or be a first semester graduate student at the time the award begins.
  • Students MUST be nominated by a faculty member who knows the nominee personally and well.

Application Procedure

Candidates may only be nominated by a faculty member. Students may not apply directly. There will be a competitive selection process to endorse two candidates from CU. The student will submit a hard-copy application, a nomination form signed by the nominating faculty member and the chair of the relevant department, and a short personal statement.