Can I apply if I don’t meet the minimum GPA?

Not usually.  If your GPA is very close to the minimum and you can show you’re on an upward trajectory, you may be able to apply. 

Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation?

Typically, you should ask faculty on the tenure track. You need a writer who knows you very well, so be sure to cultivate relationships with faculty.

Why are CU’s deadlines so much earlier than the actual scholarship deadline?

We often need to convene a selection committee to select those students we will endorse as applicants.  We need time for the selection process, and time for endorsed candidates to revise their applications.

If I miss the CU deadline, but not the scholarship deadline, can I still apply?


What scholarships are available to entering freshmen?

This office does not work with freshmen scholarships. Contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Where else can I find scholarships?
Can you upload my letters of recommendation in the online applications?

No. The faculty member must upload the letter.  If they have questions, email Deborah Viles at

Where should I send my transcripts?

Send them to the Top Scholarships Office at Campus box 365.

Can you help me if I’ve already graduated?

If you meet the scholarship eligibility requirements, and you graduated from CU- Boulder, the Top Scholarships office can still advise you.

What kinds of degrees are available in the U.K.?

You can get many different degrees.  Check out the Resources for Studying in the U.K. Most major scholarships do not allow you to work toward an MBA or an MD.

What should I write about in my personal essay?

See the guidelines on the website for the scholarship you’re applying to, see our Application Tips and make an appointment with the Top Scholarships Office.