The add/drop process in summer works the same as in fall and spring; however, the time frame to take action in summer is much shorter. Please review the calendar for the session(s) that interest you to make sure you are aware of the important dates and deadlines. 

Adding Classes

You may add a summer class through the CU Boulder Class Search until the add deadline for the specific session in which you wish to enroll.

If you wish to add a summer class after the deadline, you must obtain the instructor's and/or department's permission (requirements vary by department) to add the class to your schedule. Instructors and department administrators typically only approve late adds if the class has space available and you've been regularly attending. If you're given permission to join the class, department administrators will manually enroll you.

You should make every effort to add your classes before the add deadline to ensure timely review of your financial aid and COF eligibility, and timely processing of your tuition and fee bill. Classes added after Thursday, Aug. 10 will not receive COF funding unless the class was added late due to university error. 

Dropping Classes

Each session in summer has two distinct drop deadlines:

  • The first drop deadline allows you to drop a class without penalty, which means you aren't assessed a W grade or tuition. This is also the deadline to select a no credit grading type within Buff Portal.
  • The second drop deadline allows you to drop a class, but you receive a W (withdrawn) on your transcript and must pay full tuition and fees. This is also the deadline to select a pass/fail grading type within Buff Portal.

You may drop a summer class through the CU Boulder Class Search without department permission until the second drop deadline.

After the second drop deadline, college approval is required to drop. Check with your school or college if you have questions.  

See the Session Calendars section for each session's drop deadlines.

Note: If you're dropping all of your summer classes within a specific session (including your only Maymester or Augmester class) or dropping from Summer Session entirely, see the Withdrawal section instead.

Administrative Drops

Administrative drops can occur for two reasons: nonattendance or missing course prerequisites. You must attend class regularly to guarantee your place in a class. If you don't, you may be administratively dropped at the discretion of the department offering the class; however, this is not guaranteed. Talk to your instructor about their specific administrative drop policies.

Please keep in mind, you are responsible for dropping classes in which you do not wish to remain enrolled. If you fail to drop classes by the second drop deadline, you will receive a failing grade and be assessed full tuition and fees.

If you have any questions about the add/drop process or deadlines, contact the Office of the Registrar at or 303-492-6970.