Published: Jan. 25, 2024

CU NightrideStudent-led programs at universities are more than just an opportunity to get involved–they can be catalysts for change among the student body. The organizations have direct impacts on individual students by empowering them to shape their own campus experiences. 

The Division of Student Affairs works to uplift voices and back initiatives that stem from those students. Supporting the programs is a commitment that pays back in student development, campus culture and the long-term success of graduates. Through the collaboration of students’ passion and Student Affairs’ support, individual and community growth can become a reality 

Building bridges through shared experiences 

One of the student-led programs that Student Affairs supports is Cultural Events Board, which aims to broaden cultural knowledge by supporting the voices of underrepresented and misrepresented groups on campus. 

Teagan Boiarsky, the Cultural Events Board secretary, joined when she discovered that the organization gave her an opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people, both within the 15-member board and through the speakers they invite to campus.