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Student on campus with a bike

BCycle e-bike sharing program
Take advantage of free student memberships to Boulder BCycle. Boulder BCycle’s e-bike sharing program has multiple stations serving campus and 300 bikes throughout Boulder. The entire fleet is electric, making getting where you are going faster.

Biking is one of the best ways to navigate campus and Boulder. CU Boulder and the Environmental Center make it easy to maintain and protect your bike for a convenient, sustainable and affordable way to get around.

Attend CU Bike Fest

Join fellow students at Farrand Field on Thursday, Aug. 31, from  2-5 p.m. for CU Bike Fest. Enjoy free food, games and giveaways while becoming part of the CU Boulder bike community. There will be a used bike sale!

Register your bike for free

It’s preferable and easy to register your bike at the TLC or Folsom bike stations. You can also register online. Then, your serial number will be in the database. You can pick up your registration sticker from a campus bike station later.

CU Boulder requires bike registration for all bikes parked regularly on campus. Bike registration allows the police to track down stolen bikes and gets you access to free maintenance at the bike stations. The bike registration process is free and powered by Bike Index.

Know the rules of the road

As a cyclist, you have similar responsibilities to motorists on the road. Practice safety tips and follow the rules to avoid a citation.

  • Always stay on the right side of bike paths and bike lanes.
  • Pay attention to signage on bike paths and throughout campus for dismount zones, where riding your bike is prohibited.
  • Ride slowly around pedestrians and give them space. Pass on the left and ring your bell or say “on your left.”
  • Signal your turns, just as you do when driving a car. A left arm straight out signals a left turn, and a right arm straight out signals a right turn.
  • Don’t drink and ride. Colorado’s DUI statute includes bicycles under its definition of “vehicle.” You can get a DUI for biking under the influence.
  • Boulder requires all cyclists riding between dusk and dawn to ride with a mounted front light and rear red reflector.

Wear a helmet

Wear a helmet anytime you ride. Wearing a helmet protects your head from serious injury. Talk to your local bike shop or one of the CU Boulder bike stations to see if your helmet fits properly.

Remember that a bike helmet is only good for one impact. If you’ve been in an accident, replace your helmet as soon as possible. While you may not be able to see any visible damage, impacts can cause internal damage to the foam cushioning in most helmets, leaving you more vulnerable in the future.

There is no such thing as a concussion-proof helmet. If you hit your head while biking, schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider to check for a concussion. Learn more about concussion care and symptoms from Medical Services.

How to store your bike

96% of bikes stolen on campus use a cable lock or no lock. Instead, use a high-quality U-lock to keep your bike safe. Ensure the lock goes through your bike's frame, not just the front wheel. Thieves can easily remove a front wheel and take the rest of your bike. If you don’t have a U-lock, you can trade in your cable lock at one of the bike stations during business hours for a free U-lock.

For the 2023-24 academic year, the UMC Bike Shelter (secured bike parking) is accessible to anyone with an active Buff OneCard. This is to help alleviate limited bike parking outside the UMC due to the Hellems renovation project. Bikes are not to be left in the shelter overnight.​​