Bike Station Services 

Our bike station mechanics are here to assist you maintain and repair your bike. The bike stations offers numerous ways to help keep our campus cyclists in the saddle and enjoying the campus and Boulder's great environment. We value the bicycle as an effective means of commuting and recreation, improving its users' health, mobility and economic vitality.

Due to COVID-19 and safety concerns:

  • Only bike mechanics will be allowed in the immediate areas where bike repair is taking place.
  • Students will line up 6 feet apart while in line for bike repair services.
  • All students and staff must wear face coverings.
  • To prevent excessive crowding at the stations, we will be performing maintanance that takes 15 minutes or less at the Bike Stations.

We are also taking a limited number of dropoffs through our Bike Repair Request Form. These repairs are not limited to 15 minutes or less.

Bike Stations Hours

UMC Bike Station: 9-5, Monday through Friday

Folsom Bike Station: 9-5, Monday through Friday *Depending on the nearby construction noise and fumes. The station may close at any time.

*Hours may vary depending on weather and student staff availability.

Bike Program Services

UMC and Folsom Bike Station Locations 

Bike Station Locations Map

    Bike Station Updates 

    Bike Registration
    ​Our Fall online bike sale is happening now!

    Go to the 2020 CU Boulder Used Bike Sale

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