The Institute of Cognitive Science at CU Boulder sponsors a graduate certificate program and a joint Ph.D. program that provide exceptional breadth and depth of interdisciplinary training in the cognitive sciences. Graduate students who are interested in either of these institute programs must first be admitted to a participating graduateprogram that has cognitive science faculty – SLHS is a participating program. Students in good academic standing then make a formal application for admission to the certificate or joint Ph.D. program at ICS. Both programs have formal approval from the Graduate School and completion of the programs is acknowledged by a certificate of completion on the student’s transcript.

Faculty members in SLHS who can serve as an advisor for students in the dual degree are:Students doing research

Arehart, Kathy:  Auditory perception, pitch perception, perception of sound quality, design and evaluation of signal processing algorithms for hearing aids, effects of age and cochlear hearing loss on speech perception in competing speech environments, cochlear implants and aging.

Ramsberger, Gail: Neurologic, cognitive, linguistic and social variables that contribute to communicative success for people with acquired language disorders.

Schick, Brenda: Language development, sign language development, effects of language development on cognitive development, speech and language skills in children with a hearing loss.

Sadagopan, Neeraja: Influence of cognitive-linguistic changes that accompany aging and neurological disease on speech production, motor control and learning.

Sharma, Anu:  EEG and cognitive brain changes in children and adults with normal hearing, cochlear implants, hearing aids and age-related hearing loss.