The Au.D. is the entry level degree in clinical audiology and emphasizes both clinical competency development and evidence-based practice.  Students in the Au.D. program complete a 4-year curriculum that includes academic coursework, clinical practicum, and a capstone project.  Students take advanced seminars in hearing science, clinical audiology and research methods as well as complete a capstone project. Note that some of these advanced courses are often held off-campus (e.g., at University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora), which provides students access to renowned professionals to teach these courses and to labs/equipment they may not otherwise have access to.

Students have the opportunity to pursue clinical research in both laboratory and clinical settings, with faculty in a wide range of areas, including electrophysiology, psychological acoustics, physiological acoustics, diagnostic evaluation and intervention procedures for newborns through geriatrics, advanced amplification, speech perception in noise, assistive technologies, cochlear implants, vestibular assessment techniques and aural habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing loss.  Furthermore, sudents undertake clinical practica to develop competency across the scope of practice consistent with national clinical certification and/or licensure in audiology.  They will have the opportunity to complete clinical rotations in several different settings including full use of laboratories and suites at the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences department. Rotations include University Hospital in Denver and the outpatient Boulder clinic, Children’s Hospital in Denver, local school districts, and other clinical settings throughout the metro Boulder and Denver area. Many students complete fourth year externships in Denver hospitals as well as national settings. 

While during the 1st year of the AuD program, transportation beyond public transportation in Boulder may not be needed, please note that students will be required to commute to off-site clinical experiences as well as some classes beginning in the 2nd year of the program (as often as one to two days each week).

Audiology Clinic Handbook
Clinical Practicum
Capstone Proposal Form
Capstone Final Report Form