People working on computerSLHS offers a joint degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences and neuroscience. The Ph.D. in SLHS/Neuroscience is an inter-departmental program that has a speech, language, and hearing sciences track. Students must be admitted to SLHS in order to participate in the dual degree.  All students in Neuroscience are required to complete a set of common core courses, with the remaining courses being specific to each track. The details of the course requirements as well as the nature of the Comprehensive Examination and Thesis can be found by going to the Neuroscience Requirements page.

Faculty members in SLHS who can serve as an advisor for students in the dual degree are:

Kan, Pui Fong:  Bilingual language development, word learning, language disorders in children, assessment and intervention of language disorders in diverse populations.

Ramsberger, Gail:  Neurologic, cognitive, linguistic and social variables that contribute to communicative success for people with acquired language disorders.

Sharma, Anu:  Effects of auditory deprivation on cortical development, reorganization, and cross-model plasticity in children with hearing impairment and cochlear implants.

Sadagopan, Neeraja: Effects of aging and neurological disease on the neuromotor control and learning of speech; language-motor interactions in speech production.