A key part of the Institute’s mission is to serve as a national nexus point for empowering stakeholders with diverse identities and interestsresearchers, K–12 educators, community members, and industry affiliates—to envision, co-create, critique, and apply student-AI teaming technologies in their schools and communities. To function as a nexus point for diverse collaboration, the Institute links multiple nationally-distributed organizations together through our three core research strands to integrate foundational and use-inspired AI research and ethical pedagogies. The three Strands are composed of researchers, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and students from nine nationally-distributed institutions; K–12 school partners from two school districts; community-based organizations; and industry affiliates.


iSAT hosts an interactive workshop at Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference 2023

The following are a few of the specific ways we serve as a national nexus point.