Learn more about enrolling in an MS-EE on Coursera course on the Electrical Engineering website.


    If you enrolled in an MS-EE on Coursera course but are no longer interested in continuing, you may be eligible to drop or withdraw from the course. Learn more about drop/withdrawal eligibility below, and complete the Drop/Withdrawal Request Form to request a drop or withdrawal.

    Drop a Class

    You may drop a class if you are within 14 days from the class start date or your enrollment date (whichever is later). You are only eligible to drop a course if you are within the 14-day window and have not accessed restricted content (proctored exam) or received a grade.

    If your drop request is approved, your transcript will show no record of the class and we'll submit a refund to your payment method on file within 10 business days. For more information on refunds, please see the MS-EE on Coursera Refund Policy.

    Withdraw from a Class

    You may withdraw from a class if you are outside of the 14-day window, and haven't accessed restricted content or received a grade.

    When you withdraw from a class, your withdrawn class is not eligible for a refund and your transcript will show that you withdrew from the class with a W grade. (W grades do not impact your GPA and credit totals.)

    Ineligible to Drop or Withdraw

    You are ineligible to drop or withdraw from a class if:

    • Your enrollment hasn’t been processed yet.
    • You’ve accessed restricted content in Coursera (proctored exam).
    • You've already received a final grade for the class.