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Who Received This Email?
We sent this email on Monday, May 16, 2022, to students who:
  • Earned a qualifying low grade in an eligible course taken previously, retook that course in Spring 2022 and were eligible for grade replacement.

Dear [first],

We've applied grade replacement to the following Spring 2022 class(es):

[Course info]

Effective Spring 2022, grade replacement is applied automatically at the end of each semester when a student repeats an eligible course. There is no longer a limit to the number of credit hours students can use for grade replacement. However, some academic programs have limits on the number of course repeats allowed for specific courses or number of attempts for degree applicability.

If a repeated course doesn't appear on the list above, that means it did not meet all of the grade replacement eglibility requirements.

Note: Grade replacement may be revoked by action of the Office of Student Conduct if an honor code violation is found to have occurred. 

About Your Transcript & GPA

Under grade replacement, the grade you earned in your most recent prior attempt will still appear on your transcript, but it will be replaced in your cumulative GPA and credit totals by the grade from your latest attempt as long as that grade is the same or better. 

Opting Out of Grade Replacement

You can repeat a course without grade replacement by submitting an opt-out request. Opting out of grade replacement is irreversible. Please meet with your advisor to discuss how opting out of grade replacement will impact your GPA and academic standing. 
If you determine that opting out of grade replacement is the best option for you, submit a request from your Colorado email to

If you have any questions, please review our grade replacement webpage or contact us.

Office of the Registrar | University of Colorado Boulder
303-492-6970 |