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Who Received This Email?
We sent this email on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, to students who:
  • Earned a qualifying low grade in an eligible course taken in Spring 2020–Spring 2021
  • Retook that course in Summer 2021
  • Were eligible for grade replacement for that course, but did not apply

Dear [first],

According to our records, you were eligible to apply for grade replacement for the following course, but didn't do so:

[Course info]

We've applied grade replacement to the above course on your behalf in order to equitably apply the temporary grade replacement policy adjustment announced in February.

Please note: After Summer 2021, this retroactive processing will no longer occur. In Fall 2021 and all future semesters, you must apply for grade replacement by the posted deadline to receive it.

What Grade Replacement Does

With grade replacement, the grade you earned in your prior attempt will still appear on your transcript, but it will be replaced in your cumulative GPA and credit totals by the grade you earned this summer.

Without grade replacement, the grade and credits you earned in all attempts of the course would continue to be included in your cumulative GPA and credit totals.

What to Do if You Don't Want Grade Replacement

If you do not want us to apply grade replacement to the above course, reply to this email by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 2.

If you have questions about your specific situation that weren't addressed in this email or on our grade replacement page, please email us at

Office of the Registrar | University of Colorado Boulder

303-492-6970 |