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Implementation Update

Published 3/18/2021

Grade Replacement Request Forms Still Needed

Please continue to encourage students to apply for grade replacement by the posted deadline in Spring and Summer 2021, regardless of whether they're retaking a class they previously attempted between Spring 2020 and Summer 2021. This is important for several reasons:

  • Students who are retaking an eligible course under the adjusted policy may not meet one or more of the other grade replacement eligibility requirements. 

  • Given the limited scope of this retroactive processing, students need to stay in the habit of applying for grade replacement.

  • Retroactively applying grade replacement in this situation is intended as a courtesy for students who don't realize they're now eligible under the temporary policy adjustment.

In order to equitably implement the temporary grade replacement policy adjustment (see original announcement below), the Office of the Registrar has received approval to retroactively approve grade replacement for students retaking eligible courses through Summer 2021, regardless of whether the student submitted a grade replacement request form. 

Students should continue to apply for grade replacement by the posted deadline in Spring and Summer 2021, rather than assume that grade replacement will be applied on their behalf. See the gray box at right for details.

This processing will occur on:

  • May 14, 2021, for eligible courses retaken in Summer 2020, Fall 2020 & Spring 2021
  • Aug. 12, 2021, for eligible courses retaken in Summer 2021

Once each batch is processed, we'll email the affected students to inform them of the change and provide an opt-out option. For reference, see our e-memo to students whose grade replacement request was previously denied.

Please note:

  • Students who retake an eligible course after Summer 2021 must apply for grade replacement; however, the course will not count against their total grade replacement credit limit.
  • Students who retake a course that does not fall under the policy adjustment (i.e., that was taken before Spring 2020 or after Summer 2021) must apply for grade replacement, and the course will count against their total grade replacement credit limit.

For additional information, see our grade replacement FAQs for advisors and administrative staff.

Original Announcement

Published 3/2/2021
Revised 3/3/2021 (see note below)

As the provost announced last Monday, a temporary policy adjustment is now in effect allowing students who earned a low grade in a course taken between Spring 2020 and Summer 2021 to retake that course for grade replacement without it counting against their total grade replacement credit limit. All other grade replacement eligibility requirements still apply.

This policy adjustment applies not only to students who have yet to retake a course they initially attempted during this period, but also to students who've already done so and were approved for grade replacement. [Revised for clarity, 3/3/2021]

In the coming days, our office will retroactively approve 38 previously denied grade replacement requests that are now eligible under the adjusted policy (see our student e-memo). Students whose degrees have already been conferred are not eligible for retroactive changes to their education record.

We are also working to identify students who attempted and repeated an applicable course during this period and did not request grade replacement, and will follow up with those students by the end of the semester.

To learn more about grade replacement, see our grade replacement page for faculty and staff.