The OutPost Blog is a space where students express some of their favorite experiences with the outdoors. These range from solo cross-continental hikes to mountaineering with a team. Check out a few articles and see if you're inspired for your next adventure!

two people hiking through a valley in Patagonia

Spring Break in Patagonia

Sophia recounts the way she spent her spring break studying abroad in Chile, when she backpacked the W-Trek in Patagonia.

happy family posing together in the snow

Hut Trips

With COVID-19 lockdowns closing ski resorts, Kari reflects on her love of backcountry skiing.

lone kayaker on the empty water

Travelling Downstream on Life's River

Brant Smith reflects on some of his most stressful times outdoors and the kind of attitude that helped guide him through it all.

man running alone on hillside

Trail Running During the Coronavirus

OP Student Coordinator recounts the beauty of trail running and provides some useful resources for all of us while we're stuck at home.

SOAR group outdoors

Lessons from the Field

OP Program Coordinator Sam Wright tells us about the most absurd day he's ever had in his 10 years working as a guide.