The OutPost Blog is a space where students express some of their favorite experiences with the outdoors. These range from solo cross-continental hikes to mountaineering with a team. Check out a few articles and see if you're inspired for your next adventure!

student on a mountain peak

Finding Myself on 14ers

Hogan Warlock explains the unique feeling of an ideal coming to fruition—literally reaching the pinnacle—by reaching the summit of a 14,000+ foot mountain peak.

woman on cross country skis moving through a snowy pass

Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Gear Selection 101

Let Sophia Marseilles help you choose the right gear for a safe and exhilarating backcountry ski or snowboard trip.

woman climbing a mountain

Pushing for the Pinnacle

Ivy Todd talks about perseverance and pushing herself while facing the toughest obstacles.

woman sitting on cliffs edge overlooking a mountain range

Summers in the Land of Enchantment

For years Annie has spent her summers working in New Mexico as a Range at Philmont Scout Ranch. She talks about how the experience has changed her life.

two figures at the top of a glacier ina  green landscape

On Support of Stewardship and Love for a Land

Anna Warnock discusses working at Denali National Park and how that has influenced her love for the land.

ella climbing up a sheer rockface

Seeking Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Life has a funny way of turning your world upside down right when you’re least expecting it.

solitary man fly fishing in a lake

What Fly Fishing Has Taught Me

The end of a semester is a natural time to reminisce about the past and dream of the future.

woman sitting on a mile marker holding up an american and canadian flag

2653 miles to Canada

It is hard to put into words the 6 months of my life that I spent walking every day to Canada.

levi alone on a raft

Being Out on the Rivers

The Outdoor Program's own Levi explains how being out on rivers has taught him not only about himself but about the world as a whole.

a man climbing up a rock wall

Strength before Power

Eli explains how he adjusted during the COVID-19 lockdowns, focusing on building strength before being able to climb again.