Pre-Trip Meetings

  • All CUOP trips require attendance of a pre-trip/course meeting in order to participate. Failure to attend the pre-trip meeting will result in a non-refundable removal from the trip. 
  • Pre-trip meeting information can be found under the course listing or on your receipt.
  • These meetings will give you all of the information you need to prepare for the trip.
  • Meeting location is on the website and you can always ask the OP desk staff.

Equipment for Courses & Clinics

  • Outdoor Pursuits supplies all activity specific equipment required at no additional cost. You are permitted to use personal equipment after inspection. Note: there is not a course discount if personal equipment is used.
  • Personal items are the responsibility of the participant. Such items include but are not limited to clothing, hiking boots, toiletries etc. 
  • The Outdoor Pursuit's course and rental equipment is entry level and institutional gear. If you are dissatisfied with what we provide you may always rent gear of your choice at a local outdoor shop at your own expense.
  • In the event that equipment is damaged or lost you will be held fiscally responsible for any repair and/or replacement costs.
  • Equipment will be assigned during the pre-trip meeting.

Food on Courses

  • Single day outings - participants are expected to provide their own water, food and snacks unless the course description states that food is provided.
  • Multi-day trips - food is provided as we strive to both provide and educate how to prepare quality meals on trips. Menu planning for these trips take place at the pre-trip meeting.

Departure Location & Transportation

  • Trips meet and depart from Outdoor Pursuits loading dock (north side of the Rec Center off of stadium drive at the end of parking lot 384) unless otherwise stated.
  • For most of our trips transportation is provided. For some trips personal vehicle use may be required and will be discussed during pre-trip meeting.
  • On weekends and after 5 pm parking lot 169 has free parking available. 

Outdoor Program Alcohol, Smoking, and Drug Policy

  • Outdoor Program trips and courses are official functions of the University of Colorado at Boulder, and therefore all University policies apply.
  • Illegal drugs, marijuana, and alcohol are expressly prohibited.  Any use or possession of illegal drugs, marijuana, or alcohol can result in immediate dismissal from the course at your own expense and may result in a referral to appropriate Law Enforcement Officials and/or Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution for disciplinary action.