Rent tents and gear

For those of you who enjoy the outdoors, the Outdoor Program is the place to start! Your choice of equipment for the mountains or here on campus is available at extremely reasonable rates.

Day: Defined as a 1 to 24 hour rental

Weekend: Defined as 4 days or less 

Week: Defined as 11 days or less

OtherAsk Rental Center for pricing

  • Rentals are for Recreation Center Members only.
  • Refunds or credit will not be issued for unused or early returned equipment.
  • Approved Refunds are only valid for 90 days after rental date. After the 90 day period all fees will be forfieted.
  • It is the renters responsibility to ask for assistance with understanding proper use of their rental equipment.
  • If damaged or lost a replacement fee will be assessed.
  • Late fees will be charged at the daily rental rate.
  • After 10 days from due date, all gear not returned or with outstanding fees may have fees charged directly to credit card on file.

  • Equipment reservations can only be made the day of pick-up and the rental fee will be collected at time of reservation.
  • Equipment that is not reserved is available first-come first-serve.


  • Rental Equipment must be picked up at the Outdoor Program desk during Rental Center hours. 
  • If you are paying with a credit or debit card you can pay at the OP desk. All other payment types must be made with the guest services cashier at the Rec Center main entrance.
  • An Equipment Rental Agreement must be filled out by renter at pick up. The Agreement includes rental policies, waiver, and credit card deposit information.
  • All rentals must have a credit card on file that will be charged for late, lost or damaged rental equipment.
  • We encourage renters to inspect rental equipment and ask for use instructions prior to leaving the OP desk.


  • All rental equipment must be returned by the day specified to the OP Rental Center during OP Rental Center open hours
  • Rental Equipment cannot be returned to the cashier desk or equipment check out desk and must be returned at the OP Rental Center during open hours, not left at the OP desk as we are not responsible for it during closed hours.
  • All rental equipment will be checked for damage and cleanliness upon return and the Outdoor Program reserves the right to charge you for late fees, cleaning fees, and damage or loss. 

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