Who can play intramural sports?

Only CU students who have paid fees and Rec Center members are eligible. Intramurals is subsidized by student fees and is offered as a low cost option to encourage participation.

What is the intramural sports pass?

The intramural sports pass gives a participant access to all IM leagues and tournaments for a semester. IM fees are no longer charged per team, once you purchase the sports pass you will have access to IMLeagues. 

Does the IM sports pass guarantee me a spot in a league?

No, you will still need to register a team or join a team in order to play. This process is done via IMLeagues and is first come first serve so register early. 

When are games played?

Games are played Mon-Thurs from 4pm-11:45pm, some Fri from 4pm-7pm, and Sat-Sun from 9am-10pm

How do I form a team?

Teams can be formed by getting your friends or classmates together. You can also contact people on the Free Agents list, or come to the Buff Round-Up.

Can I play on more than one team per sport?

No, you may not play on more than one team per sport. You may however, play on a single gender team and a Co-Rec team in the same sport at the same time.

Can I reschedule games once the schedule has been posted?

No, once the schedule has been posted there are no changes. If your team is not able to make a game please email the IM office at imsports@colorado.edu and we will offer out your game to all of the other teams. if we find a replacement team you will not get a forfeit.

What happens if my team no shows and forfeits?

If your team forfeits a game without letting the IM office know beforehand, your team will be charged a $20 forfeit fee. The team will also be suspended until the fee is paid. A second forfeit would disqualify your team from the league.

What is the intramural sports refund policy?

No refunds will be given once an individual registers for the intramural sports pass.