Level 1 Weight Training Space

The 8000 sq ft weight room located on level 1 of includes 19 power racks equipped with bumper plates, 3 dumbbell spaces, cable columns, and 2 Olympic Lifting Platforms. The weight room is designed with the intermediate and advance user in mind as it is set up to accommodate heavy lifts. Dumbbell weight goes up to 120lbs.

Weight Room Annex
The 3500 sqft Weight Room Annex is located on level 1 near the Climbing Gym. This room features squat racks, bench presses, cable machines, free weights, and more. Dumbbells weight go up to 50lbs and is the perfect place to get acquainted with a variety of machines and do a variety of lifts.

Flexibility and Core
Located between the Main Weight Room and the Annex. This area includes 4 large stretching mats, dumbbells up to 20lbs, medicine balls, sand bells, ab rollers, foam rollers, flexibility, ab and back machines.

Level 2 Cardio Space

The majority of the facility’s cardio equipment can be found on Level 2. Cardio equipment is located off the main entrance, overlooking the pool and basketball courts. Equipment selection includes cross trainers, bikes, treadmills, and climbmills.

Circuit Training and ADA Line
For a quick circuit use the track to infuse cardio in-between sets on our accessible selectorized equipment. Dumbbells up to 20lbs, fitness accessories, and stretching space is also available in this area.

Turf Fit
Need more space? Turf Fit is a FREE designated fitness time on the indoor turf where functional equipment such as a sled, tire, agility ladder, hurdles, and plyo boxes are set out for users to use for free. Come play Mon – Friday 11:30 – 1:30pm.

Level 3 Weight, Functional, and Cardio Space

Functional Training
The third floor is home to a functional training zone and cardio equipment. Equipped with kettlebells, plyo boxes, battle ropes, medicine ball rebounder, TRX bands, rope pull, and plenty of open space. There are several unique cardio pieces including a Jacobs Ladder, Ski Erg, Woodway Motorless Treadmill, and airdyne bikes. This is a great space for things like body weight workouts, and HITT style training.

Circuit, Cable, and Free Weight Training
This area is located on Level 3 overlooks the basketball and Climbing Gym. Included in this area is a full selectorized circuit, cable strength machines, dumbbells up to 20lbs, squat rack, bench press, leg press and smith machine. You can also find treadmills and spin bikes.

Flexibility and Core Training
Additional stretching space is located next to the Functional Zone. This area includes mats, stretch machines, medicine balls, sand bells, and foam rollers.

Exercise Education and Wellness Services

Small Group Training
Not sure where to start, or just want to build on what you already know? We can help!
Fit/Well offers a wide range of small group training so users can learn and practice form, technique, and expand their knowledge on a variety of different exercise styles. A sample of classes include Power Lifting, TRX, Olympic Weightlifting and Yoga.
Small Group Training

Personal Training
Looking for an individual plan and instruction to achieve your goals? Click here for more details on personal training
Personal Training

Trainer Time Videos
Like to learn on your own? Check out our trainer time videos where we cover proper form and technique on a variety of topics.
Trainer Time Videos

Nutrition Series
Our free 30min Fuel Your Body Nutrition Series will answer many of your nutrition questions, provide information on healthful eating as well as strategies to successfully fuel your body. 
Nutrition Series

Wellness Suite
The Wellness Suite offers a variety of services to help you lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Services include: Nutrition Resource Clinic, Massage Therapy, and Musculoskeletal Injury Clinic.
Wellness Suite Services are available for Rec Center members and day pass holders unless specified otherwise.
Wellness Suite