Find Your Fit: Esha

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Find Your Fit: Eric Lee

Eric Lee tells his story about how he found his fit as a personal trainer at The Rec.Read more »
High and Low Planks

Trainer Time: Maddie

Learn how to do plank variations with Maddie!Read more »
Welcome Back Buffs

Welcome Back, Buffs!

Welcome back Buffs! What are your goals for the semester?Read more »
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University of Colorado Boulder Recreation Center

The Rec Center enhances the CU experience.Read more »
Trainer Time: Brigitte

Trainer Time: Brigitte

Learn how to do a lunge with proper for with Brigitte.Read more »

Trainer Time: Anastasia

Learn how to do effective core exercises with Anastasia.Read more »

Trainer Time: Catharine

Catharine teaches some pushup variations for your work-out.Read more »
Rec Fest

Rec Fest 2016

There will be food, competition, and prizes!Read more »