We have included running workouts and drills for both performance and beginner level runners. The performance workouts are for those who can comfortably run 6.2 miles. The ability based workouts or for those who are new to running. Included in the plan are mobility and core workout suggestions for cross training, which can be found on the Fitwell Virtual Classes website.

For both groups Mondays will be a faster paced distance day with surging, but let's start off nice and easy! Surging workouts will improve your leg speed and running economy. We have included an RPE scale to help you monitor your efforts:

RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)  
0-1 No exertion. Picture hanging out on the couch.
2-3 Light exertion. Effort while stretching.
4-5 Medium exertion. Warming up, heart is beating faster, breath rate is increased but you can still hold a conversation.
6-7 Moderate exertion. Effort is now challenging. Your talking has moved to 1-2 word answers with heavier breathing. Talking is difficult at a 7.
8-9 Hard exertion. Breathing much heavier now. You are no longer able to talk and wondering how long you are going to be able to hold the activity at this pace. You can go further if necessary but not for long.
10 Hardest exertion. You are reaching your limit and cannot hold the intensity for more than 1 minute. Talking is impossible. 
Performance Based Workouts
Those completing these workouts should already be able to run 6.2 miles.
Ability Based Workouts
Those completing these workouts can be new to running.